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/pimp character who encourages her to kind of dry hustle edward g. robinson, to encourage him to think that she's a struggling actress who needs support. edward g. robinson starts stealing things from his harridan of a wife. he sets her up in an apartment where he is also going to come and paint. johnny takes the paintings to an art dealer and finds they can make some kind of money, and before they know it, kitty is signing chris's paintings and making money out of them. chris discovers this plot but doesn't care because he's so enamored of kitty. eventually we think that edward j. robinson is going to knock off his wicked wife. however, by some elaborate subplot, he's managed to get rid of his shrewish wife, and he arrives one night ... and sees his lady love saying sweet nothings and embracing the pimpy character, who blows up when edward j. robinson walks away. chris returns and she ridicules him. she attacks his manliness. he picks up an ice pick and he brutally murders her. however, he's not seen leaving the house. dan durea breaks back into the apartment building, and edward g. robinson s
on the dance floor. well, it wasn't a prince who courted her. it was edward green, who is over 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds in weight. he was a self-made millionaire. he asked hetty to marry him, and her father agreed to it. on one condition. that edwards sign a prenup that they would live on edwards money and hetty's money would be hers to protect and to increase and to pass onto the next generation. shortly after that, her father die. remember, this was 1865. $5 million to put in a trust for her, which she had expected to be able to control their own money. two weeks later, her spinster aunt died. hetty was the only heir to the family wealth. and they agreed to a well in which she would leave all of her money, $2 million to hetty. but instead she left half to the town of new bedford, and the other half to the community. she put it in a trust. so hetty suit her. the lawsuit went on for years. it became a landmark case and hetty became involved with. in the days of the booming railroad, he diesel bonds to european investors. hetty had two children, a son and a daughter. she invested her
steps up and takes responsibility. ask for forgiveness. >> reporter: except for john edwards. >> john edwards is always the glaring exception because that was so egregious. >> reporter: john edwards not only cheated on his wife, he fared a baby and a time when his beloved wife was dying of cancer, so for him redemption may be tricker. as society do we reserve special contempt for a woman perceived as a homewrecker, especially when a powerful man is involved? >> the very question has some sexist language in it. to suggest that a woman who is having an affair with a powerful man is a homewrecker is to lay blame 100% at the foot of the woman who is involved in the affair. >> reporter: sarah stars in a new canadian reality show called the mistress. >> used to be a mistress -- >> reporter: which does interventions for women involved in married men. >> the man always fares better and eludes me to be honest, he chose to step out on his way, betray her, break his vows. >> reporter: broadwell is married with children, feminist naomi wolf who published a new wolf on women and sexuality says she
down the westbound lanes of 580 after a shooting. the freeway has been closed near edwards, and the chp has issued a sig-alert. oakland police are looking for two vehicles shooting at each other, but they don't have any victims. now police are also on the scene of another shooting on seminary avenue in oakland, which is about a mile away. no word if the two shootings are related. we will have the latest tonight at 11:00. >>> people living in the oakland hills are battling an increase in crime that the police simply cannot handle. so they are taking the offensive against the crooks targeting their neighborhood. they're going high-tech to do it. >> reporter: from the warning signs in this oakland hills neighborhood to the security cameras visible on porches, the message to burglars is clear: you are being watched. but the cameras you see are just the tip of the iceberg. there are many more that you don't see. neighbors are taking their surveillance game to the next level. they've created a cooperative and have hidden cameras throughout the neighborhood and are already catching criminals i
act appropriately. dean has filed a claim against the department. >>> and the screams of team edward and team jacob beginning. >>> coming up, how far a woman was willing to go to be one of the first to see the movie. >>> is that authentic? >> yes. >>> the national guard will make it easier to keep in touch with those on the battle front. what they are doing. you want to see this story. a winter wonderland doesn't just happen. it takes some doing. some coordinating. and a trip to the one place with the new ideas that help us pull it all together. from the things that hang and shine... the things that sparkle and jingle. all while saving the things that go in our wallet. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get an assortment of martha stewart living ornamen,s free when you purchase select artificial trees. i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right? [ kiss ] thank you ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! f
boats. the public encourages san francisco to suggest a name mr. edward pendergraph suggested the name. fires were some of the most difficult problems encountered by the department. fires involving vessels may occur on passenger ships. freighters, tow boats. oil or gasoline barges or other types of vessels. the loma prieto earthquake galvanized them into action. this cause the collapse the many buildings and fires. to the rescue came the phoenix. along with countless volunteer citizens. he's a few statistic, all-welded construction. approximately six feet and bow 10 feet. stern, five feet. maximum speed, 15 knots. the phoenix is equipped with radar, radio and is in contact with san francisco fire department and the coast guard. the coast guard and firefighting equipment may it please the court on privately owned craft and available when requested by the san francisco fire department. the crew is a pilot, two marine engineers, ladies and gentlemen, the fire boat phoenix. long may she serve san francisco. next is line is the u.s. navy guided missile destroyer, the u.s.s. rebel. equipped
of branches, edward melton, edward, great work. [ applause ] elsie wong, another district manager helping to put it all together. thank you for the fantastic job you do. more partners from our city family. i know our attorney team john is here. congratulations for all the hard work, as well as michael. thank you for helping us through the entire environmental impact reports and all that took many, many years of dedicated work. we really appreciate that. and without further ado, terrific tenure, president of the board, district supervisor david chiu, thank you so much. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> good morning. the sun is shining on north beach today. i am so happy to be here. i think it's amazing that in the week that we celebrate the giants, we are also celebrating a real tribute to the best baseball legend in history, joe dimaggio! [ applause ] as our librarian just said, the very first meeting i took, even before he was sworn-in, after i was elected was about this library. and i got to tell you, that was only four years of a ten-year struggle. there have been hundreds of meetings c
edward glaeser. his book is "the triumph of the city: how our greatest invention makes us richer, smarter, greener, healthier and happier." >> thank you for coming to the auditorium today. this is brought to you by wbur new station. thank you. thank you. i am sure some of you are saying, wow, that is bob oakes? [laughter] i thought he was taller. i thought he was thinner. i thought he had more hair. [laughter] you know, the funny thing is that all those things were true last week. let me thank all of you for coming here this afternoon and think the book festival for having us. don't they do a nice job? isn't this a terrific event? [applause] >> that is also part of the plymouth rock foundation for sponsoring this session and without their generosity, it would be hard to put on an event like this that add to the cultural life that we all enjoyed in this great city. so thank you to them. [applause] in the way, that is what we are here to talk about this afternoon. the triumph of the city. the triumph of the city, that is the title of edward glaeser's book, "the triumph of the city: how our
. >>> i'm getting caught up on my twilight trivia. >> and are you on team edward or team jacob. coming up. going to la and getting ready for the finale. >> this is crazy. the fans are there. and they know which team they're on. they are camping nought front of a teether in los angeles. this is the premier for breaking down part 2. on monday the stars of the film will walk the black carpet. and one local woman traveled to california to get a look at the stars. >> i planned this after the last premier. i have been saving up time for vacation. we have a good bit of ten days here. >>> and it drew a huge crowd. that's take non-more than $2.5 billion. who do you have. >> edward. all the way. >> he was cheated on, right? >> right. [ laughter ] >> he is learning. >> have a great friday.
now. author edward klein joined book tv at freedom fest in las vegas to talk about his new york times best selling book, the amateur. helix critically at president obama before and after he reached the white house. here is what he had to say. >> well, the book currently on your screen is -- has been several weeks on the new york times best several with list. many weeks as number one. written by anne klein, who is our guest on book tv on c-span2. we do get the title for this book? >> it came from a meeting that bill clinton had in jeff pacoima, new york, north of new york city where he has a home. he invited, this was back in august 2011. he invited his wife, his daughter, and a bunch of friends to meet with him because he had some news. .. the people around obama: did not understand how the real world works. that they had been responsible for losing america, its triple-a credit rating for the first time in its history and that barack obama was, in his words, an amateur. i spoke to two people at the meeting, and i heard that, i said, amateur, the perfect titlele for the book. >> presi
here. newton to edwards. while the skins cep the opponent under their average in points and yards today, it wasn't enough. as lorenzo alexander explains. >> we did a good job as far as keeping everything in front of us. obviously every week we give up something big and that's ultimately what hurts. giving up points. we need to figure out a way on defense to continue to create turnovers, even the score and give our offense more opportunities to win games. whole point is to keep the opponent to one point less than what we score and we haven't been able to do that the last three weeks and that's disheartening to us. >> redskins were burnt last week by the black and yellow, today, new york's turn to taste defeat against the steelers. nissan's sports xtra continues after this. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. heading into the holidays you look for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, get a super low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.9
don't protect men from heart disease. cbs reporter edward lawrence shows us why you just can't beat a healthy diet and lifestyle. >> reporter: michael thompson takes a multivitamin every day. >> in my 20s when i wasn't eating healthy and needed an extra vitamin to cover everything. >> reporter: many people hope multivitamins will keep them healthy. a new study says they don't protect against major cardiovascular events. >> didn't effect the rate of centering a cardiovascular event. >> reporter: the research published in the journal of the american medical associationed to nearly 15,000 healthy male doctors. after 11 years there was no difference between those who received fakes and real vitamins. multivitamins are the most common dietary supplement in the u.s. a third of adults take them. doctors say taking multivitamins isn't the way to prevent heart disease. >> it's not a substitute for a well balanced diet or regular exercise. >> reporter: thompson says he will keep taking his multivitamin to make sure he gets the vitamins and minerals he needs. he says he eats right and gets ple
edward or team jacob, twilight mania is in full swing. your entertainment headlines are straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. had to be slow. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use, it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> well, in entertainment news, this weekend at the box office, there's really only one movie you need to see. really, there's only one wide release. it's bond, james bond in "s "skyfall," the 23rd film in the franchise. it's expected to do big business this weekend with an estimated $90 million. >> you
, his discussion and possible action t┌4 Ñ appoint edward jim asçó assistant patrol special officer to patrol special officer cot hart or to take other action regarding action. >> do you have anyhés ç questions regardings ç mr. edward yim's application. >> i have some questions. there's one that i will ask off line and one i think ixd can ask on line. on the cover packet, on the cover letter to the packet looks like it's signed by the lieutenant, says was -- does not meet requirements frr peace officer standardszlñ?ñ? and training guidelines. i wanted to ask about that. >> maybe the lieutenant can answer that question or the sergeant. approximate. >>>> investigation was resubmittedand some of the information that was missing was provided to me that's why i put it through for recommendation. >> this letter is moot. >> yeah. >>s%(!z and then i#ncñj= think that's significant enough to wait to postpone this and then we can direct our questions off line. >> do we have public comment or comment from the sponsori
afectaron a miles de conductores.. cg bobby edwards - conductor "it took me almost an hour to get here this morning". bobby edwards dice que se tard ms de una hora en llegar a emeryville cuando normalmente le toma tan solo 25 minutos.. sin embargo, algunos ni siquiera lograron llegar a su destino.. cg steve simonsen - chofer de gra "it's a lot more calls, it'a almost double the volume" el chofer de esta grua dice que hoy recibio casi el doble de llamadas de conductores varados en las autopistas donde la patrulla de caminos desplaz a mas agentes para detener a personas que manejen a exceso de velocidad. cg bryce danenhauer - agente de la patrulla de caminos "there could be a tree across the road, there could be an accident". bryce danenhauer dice que en algunas curvas sobre todo en las montaÑas de santa cruz, los conductores podran ser sorprendidos por un arbol cado o un accidente y por eso les piden tener mas precaucion. el mal clima tambien afect a los que viajan por avion.. cg doug yakell - vocero, aeropuerto de s.f. "we've seen about 60 cancellations thus far today" este vocero dic
gabrielle giffords. edward lawrence reports. >> reporter: 24-year-old jared loughner showed no emotion as his victims addressed him in court. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords stood tall. her husband said you may have put a bullet in her head but haven't put a dent in her spirit. after this moment we're doesn't thinking about you. loughner tried to assassinate giffords at a shopping plaza last year. he fired 31 shots in 30 seconds killing six people and wounding 12 others. patricia said giffords gave me courage to speak in court. >> she greeted me and said i needed to be strong. >> reporter: loughner chose not to koinlt court. his mother cried throughout the hearing when the judge handed down the sentence. loughner was diagnosed with schizophrenia and forcibly medicated so he could participate in his defense. many victims say the mental health system and people around loughner failed him. >> we need to be much more willing to intervene. >> reporter: retired colonel survived a shot to the head. he forgives loughner because of his illness. >> if he wasn't mentally disturbed why the
. the corner kick, bounces off the freshman dakota edwards. there it is in the back of the net. edwards first career goal. take another look. some nifty footwork there by the freshman. turks take a 1-0 lead. second half now off the throw in. making things happen. the shot deflects off the defender into the goal. watch this one again. ball goes off the sliding defender's foot. terps up 2-0. north carolina did add a late goal but it wasn't enough. maryland wins their third acc title in the last five years. 2-1 the final score. next up for the terps, the ncaa tournament. >>> the redskins are off on a bye week but there's plenty of action around the league. a must-win game for both the cowboys and the eagles. right now the eagles lead that game 14-10 in the third quarter. we start things off with the division leading giants. the g men in cincinnati taking on the bengals. first quarter action. we're scoreless. andy dalton off the play-action. he's going to throw this one deep and find a.j. green. he's so wide open, he had to wait for the football. 56-yard touchdown. bengals take a 7-0 lead. in the
behind the tragedy in tucson. edward lawrence has the latest from tucson. >> reporter: camera crews are lined up outside the courthouse for the sentencing of tucson massacre gunman jared loughner. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is among the survivors of the rampage who are expected to attend the hearing. giffords' husband former astronaut mark kelly is expected to make a statement before loughner is sentenced. giffords was shot through the head and is still undergoing extensive rehab. this week she came out to vote and updated reporters on the recovery. >> a lot of work. a lot of work but good work. >> reporter: loughner pleaded guilty three months ago after a judge ruled that loughner understood the charges against him. the agreement guarantees that the 24-year-old will spend the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole. some victims including giffords say they're satisfied with the plea deal for loughner and it helps them move on with their lives. >> i dreaded the idea of having to go through a trial, not only for myself, but many of the survivors an
on? >> i'm on team edward. >> i'm on the team that reads good books. spoiler alert, it sucks. do you want to see my "twilight" review. >> sure. >> yeah. >> it's like ripping a bible in half to these girls. they attacked him. >> what do you like about "twilight." >> jacob. >> i want to see taylor lautner. >> robert pattinson. >> that guy is heart. >> i'll be a fan with you? >> i love it. >> girl, edward is so dreamy. >> he is hot. >> if you want to hang out with teen girls, good place. >> if you're a teen guy. >> how big a "twilight" fan are you? >> pretty big. enough to stay here overnight. >> enough not to shower five days. >> i traveled from florida. >> i flew from houston. >> it's really cold. >> you could start a fire by burning some of the books. >> for our next video, we're going to -- not kidding. there's something on your back. >> are you kidding me? you're totally lying. >> no. >> are you kid inning are you kidding? >> no, i'm not. >> in her hair. >> are you being dead serious right for you? >> i'm totally kidding. >> that's what this next video is all about, from vitali, a
obama and a edward lazear is former adviser to george w. bush. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. nice to be with you. >> start with the job numbers on friday. the last jobs report before the election. what do they tell us about 34erk's economy today? what impact do you expect it to have on the election? >> i don't think it will have much impact on the election because it is not that a much different from the overall trend over the last year ito 18 months. i think it was a fairly solid number. certainly better than expected and you got some revisions upward on the jobs number itself. overall, growth has been relative ly modest in the u.s. and that's reflected in the jobs number. this is an encouraging month. you never want to make too much out of any one month. >> i was surprised at the numbers. ed, what do you think? >> i think there are good things that each candidate can take out of it. obviously the fact the unemployment rate ticked up to something governor romney will emphasize, higher than when the president took office. that's the headline number. i agree with austan. the
desprecia. >> en esta historia bella ya convertida en vampiro junto con edward y su clan de vampiros buscan proteger a su hija . >> y vemos este sencillo de la música con la participación de calderon, con toques colombianos que le dan un toque carcaracterístico hasta pronto. >> quiero invitarlo para que la próxima semana no se
died yesterday of complications from cancer. cnn's colleen mcedwards takes a look at his life and legacy. >> reporter: larry hagman wore many hats in his career. but his best known for the stetson that he wore on "dallas." despite rolls on film and on stage, hagman will always be remembered as the villianous j.r. ewing. >> and you drove cliff to attempt suicide. >> how was i to know he was going to do a dumb thing like that? >> reporter: wn j.r. was shot by an unknown assailant, it was the most famous cliffhangers in tv history, watched by 300 million people from all over the world. hagman never expected the show to endure. >> i just started this show doing six shows. i never thought i'd do 300. >> reporter: in fact, the "dallas" franchise was so successful, the series was recently reprised. the u.s. network tnt brought it back with a new generation of ewings and hagman came back, too, returning as j.r. once again. critics say he was the best thing about "dallas." but explaining the character's appeal, hagman once said the time is right for a real bad guy and i'm it. >> have a
to see about getting a bat pole to make things more efficient. >> what was the butler's name? edward or something like that? >> i wish. thanks, gary. a butler. can you imagine? what was it? >> i don't know. it wasn't edward though. >> get on our facebook. tell us. who was it? >> alfred. thank you, bob. the director knew. i knew itwasn't edward. thanks, gary. >>> coming up we are going to be talking about the date interstate of the skins. why it appears some residents are worried about moving training camp. >> plus, the opening game won't be played inside any arena for the hoyas. >> where did edward come from? you're on timeout t leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. >>> the college basketball regular season gets underway tonight for several local teams. maryland playing the reigning national champs, the kentu
's initial opposition in 2008 and other people, edwards, so many people and try to be very fair about that. but mitt romney is definitive and i guess they thought having him say what he said, would have put it in a political context. but then the president's speech is so much different. he said, if we have him in our sights, in 2008, i would move heaven and earth and do everything in my power to kill him. if you were interviewing commanders in chief, there's no question you would take the guy who makes the decision and not the guy who's so indecisive. >> you're talking with mitt romney and i want to stick with you for just a moment. i remember when you were filling in on cnn and interviewing former president clinton and said look, his business record is a good thing, has a lot of qualifications, but you say mitt romney is not qualified to be president. even those who oppose mitt romney, that's not a criticism that's often lodged. what disqualifies him from running the country in your judgment? >> i take colin powell's point of view, when he says that you know, the president rescueed the ec
't be enough to reduce income inequality. economic columnist edward toe porter argues a broader flatter tax may be necessary to fully fund a range of social programs that would make the u.s. a more equitable society for all. for more, it is a pleasure to welcome back to the program edward toe porter, author of "the price of everything." welcome back. >> hey, thanks for having me. >> eliot: this was a fascinating and almost counterintuitive argument. we fought this political battle, we thought so we could raise the marginal rates on the rich because that would make an equitable society. you're saying it won't work. >> it won't because it won't raise enough money. once you see progressive tax rates, they are a tool basically and what i'm proposing is one of the important goals is they're to reduce inequality. to reduce inequality, the experience of a bunch of other countries, you really need money. the progressive tax system that we have even thor it is more progressive than that does not really raise that much. >> eliot:
. >>> representatives donna edwards and aaron schock, paul gigot, katrina vanden heuvel and greta van susteren. >>> hello, again. what a week in politics. with his victory in florida yesterday, president obama now has a sweep of the battlegrounds. 332 electoral votes. losing only indiana and north carolina from his 2008 total. the popular votes are still coming in. the president will come up about 8 million short of his 2008 tally. we'll discuss how obama did and what's next for the gop and the governing challenges ahead? >>> but first, that friday afternoon bombshell. david petraeus resigns at the cia after officials uncover his extramarital affair. . >> yes it came to light after a woman in tampa tied to military got a peculiar, harassing e-mail. she was so concerned, she contacted the fbi who according to our sources traced it back to paula broadwell. as the fbi continued to investigate, they discovered e-mails pointing to a romantic u sexual relationship between the two. early concerns about the e-mails being hacked. but the evidence never turned up to be compromise to intelligence. >> wha
of the season. panthers at the half, second half they strike big. newton finds edwards, huge block right there. inside the 10, but not after picking up 82 yards. punch to the gut for the defense and leads to this 1 yard cam newton keeper, 21-13 loss. mike shanahan with somewhat surprising comments following the game regarding the future. >> with a game like that, you're playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come, and i'll get a chance to evaluate players and we're not off it statistically, but now we find out what type of character we got and how the guys keep fighting through the rest of the season. >> when you bring up player evaluation it comes across as a white flag. 17 of the last presidential elections, had the redskins won prior to the election, the incumbent president retains his position. if they lose, the challenger wins. i guess mitt romney was pulling for the panthers. got his wish. >> thank you. >> thanks, scott. >>> things are slowly getting back to normal in garrett county. officials say about 95% of roads have opened since 30 inches of s
sequel. up next, bella and edward get divorced after edward falls in love with the werewolf known as jacob. there he is. the first "twilight" came out in the '08 and created markets for flicks aimed a lot of lorne teenage girls. it since raked in $2.5 billion in ticket sales for just four films. breaking down 2 will likely put the whole shebang past the 3 dal billion mark. the peak was 09. 140 million for the new moon. the new film will likely beat that. lionsgate has other content. it has new tv hit, nashville. and showtime's pot loving series, "weeds." the best thing up for lions gate, will be "the hunger games." now the rest of hollywood hungers for the teen girl cohort "twilight" created. lionsgate is hoping "the hunger games" will pick up where bella and edward left off. david: i haven't seen one "twilight" but i have seen "the hunger games" five times and i'm not a girl. time to go off the desk. how about this for a presidential candidate, a donkey claim. they fought in ecuador to get senior burro. the donkey will not be on the ballot unfortunately. poor donkey. >> poor thin
. should ship's names sake, edward rebel served in the revolutionary war and searched in a bold complain against pirates and helped shape the fighting spirit that has been characteristic of the u.s. navy. the u.s.s. rebel is the sixth ship to bare the next time. there's 9217 tons and can sail in excess of 30 knots. there's 30 officers and 270 enlisted personnel. he has a dove, mac system. the vertical launch system, 2, 25 millimeter machine guns. mark 24 torpedo tubes. >> the engineering systems are nothing less than significant. two five blade control propellers. k34 gas imagines. is it commanded by kurt sutherberg. he took command since june 2010. ladies and gentlemen, the u.s.s. rebel. [applause] next in line u.s.s. screwance. it's also a guided missile destroyer. the 61st ship in her class and only one year old. the crew celebrated her birthday on hundred and only the second u.s. navy ship to be named for admiral raymond screwance. who commanded the american naval forces at the battle of midway in the philippine sea. it was laid down in may 2009. christened by the admiral's granddaug
was a factor. >>> a suspect wanted in connection with san jose's 41st homicide has been found dead. troy edward was found dead inside his car this afternoon, in san ba nino county. it appears he committed suicide. >>> homicide detectives in oakland are investigating the shooting there that left a teenager dead, witnesses say a car pulled up next to the victim's vehicle after 7:00 p.m., on the court. the gunman got out, fired several rounds in to the vehicle. the 18 year old victim died there at the scene. the oakland tribune reports the victim was in h is car outside his home and shot. police haven't made arrests. >>> crews rushed to a fire this morning that destroyed a mobile home. it broke out after 11:00 a.m. the home was engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived. nobody was hurt, and officials say the fire does not appear to be suspicious. >>> firefighters are busy with a two alarm house fire in newark. viewers sent us this video taken as firefighters were getting on the scene. the fire on serve rine started on the side of the garage. workers were doing renovation and noticed the
of edward curtis, a turn of the century photographer. his story is told in a new biography, "short nights of the shadow catcher" by journalist and author timothy egan, a previous winner of both the pulitzer prize and national book award. jeffrey brown has our book conversation. >> brown: in 1896 edward curtis took this photograph of a woman known as "princess angeline," the last surviving child of the native-american chief for whom the city of seattle was named. it was the first in what would become a decades-long project. one of the most ambitious in american book and documentary history of capturing a vanishing native-american life and some of its most important figures, including chief joseph of the nez perce and the apache warrior gerono. author timothy egan joins me now. welcome to you. >> thank you, great to be here. >> brown: i think a lot of people will know some of the famous paragraphs, but not the scope of the project. give us a sense of how big this was, what he was after. >> i think a lot of people know something about curtis. but he ended up being the largest traffic odyssey
was nanny to queen alexandra and edward vii's children or lord and lady knollys' children. and lady charlotte knollys was lady-in-waiting to queen alexandra. well, fantastic, and there's plenty of evidence - to back that up, isn't there? - oh, yes. i mean, these magnificent little presentation brooches are a sort of little march through her career. this is the cipher of queen alexandra, - the double "a," isn't it? - yes, that's right. under the royal crown, and so perhaps this was a christmas present. and maybe that's a birthday present and yet another one. and this dear nanny would wear them with enormous pride. i'm absolutely sure. these two, actually, made her swell with pride even more. have you thought at all about the date, 1902, why that would be so special? it's the coronation of edward vii. - that's right. - certainly this dear mrs. martin, the nanny, would have shared in the great drama that surrounded the coronation of edward vii. and so i believe the people who went to that coronation would have been given a medal such as this. more intimate friends would have been given
the same man who represented president clinton edwards. >> tomorrow night in debt as a dates in the efforts to prevent the federal government going over the fiscal cliff. president obama will meet with at the whiteers house. labor union leaders met with the president today. tomorrow, we expect to learn nancy pelosi will leadership.e party she had saw to become speaker of e again but the controls failed to win of the house. it is a safety alert after a of men go on a brazen crime spree. we speak exclusively with the victim. >> monica was the first. >> my cell phone was dead so i not call 911. >> the men demanded a sex act. when the 23-year-old explained transgendered, the men tried to rob her. >> that was started just before midnight. robbery, double rape, and attempted kidnapping. the targets? women. >> we think it is the same group guys committing the crimes. >> police said the suspect 27-year-old when your 44th street. -- will amend the near 44th street. the police say to women walking on 48th street were the same redman in car. when suspect grabbed the victim -- said she was taken inside
! >>> llega a la gran pantalla una de las películas más esperadas al año y es la hisotria de amor entre edward y bella y la podemos ver como completamente vampiro. >>> naci para ser vampira! >>> ahora tenemos la misma temperatura! >>> aquí estamos con los dos galanes de breaking dawn parte ii! >>> algo de español? >>> un poquito. >>> cuéntanos de los personajes. >>> los dos somos voltarie.. >>> llendo alook de vampiros, qué es lo más difícil que lograr? >>> yo ya soy pálido pero no me tengo que preocupar por eso! >>> qué tal tu charlie? es más difícil no? >>> es un cambio el tan de miami?¿ >>> twiligth no ha sido deificí'la productora ha sido increíble. >>> mi familia está en peligro! >>> qué creen que kla gente gustará más de este último tíutlo? >>> es un final perfecto, la guinda de la torta, con toda al acción y con vampiros nuevos y vemos a bella como vampiro y aprende rápidamente y tiene mucha acción. >>> si. >>> (mÚsica). >>> no dfejaré que nadie te haga daño. (mÚsica). >>> en serio, todos los vampiros están de moda incluso en miami está el circo del vampiro
of representatives. >> ruppersberger retain his seat. sarbanes so winds. but democratic incumbent donna edwards won in the fourth congressional district and district 5, house minority whip steny loiter faced three challengers in this election, but once again he wins the seat in the house. >> representative elijah cummings has served in the challengers. represented chris van hollen also won reelection, fending off three challengers in his race. >> debra wiener is that m&t bank stadium with the democrats this evening. how are people feeling there this evening? >> they just read the numbers and it is clear for the local races, it was kind of a cakewalk, as predicted. ben cardin being reelected to a second term, and the roscoe bartlett loss is huge. he was very entrenched in maryland. he actually was close friends with ruppersberger. what that does for the delegation is now there is only one republican from maryland on his congressional delegation. it really did change the dynamic of the delegation. the big thing that is getting a lot of response from the democrats. it may be -- you really get a sense
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